$4,390 Package for Kitchen Renovation & Kitchen Remodeling

Toronto Cabinetry is proud to offer you a $4,390 package for Kitchen Renovation & Kitchen Remodeling. This package includes high quality products and professional services with LOWEST PRICE GURANTEE. If you can find a kitchen package with similar quality and services at lower price, please send us the price list or quote. We will match with the lower price PLUS provide you with additional 5% off.

For only $4,390, you will get:

  • FREE PROFESSIONAL MEASUREMENT SERVICE. We will send our knowledgeable staff to measure your kitchen, listen to your requirements and provide you with suggestions.
  • FREE PROFESSIONAL DESIGN SERVICE. Our group of experienced designer will provide you with a professional kitchen plan. Left picture gave you an idea of a 10 by 10 L Shape Kitchen Plan.
  • HIGH QUALITY SOLID WOOD KITCHEN CABINETS WITH 7 MOST TRENDY COLORS. Please check our Assembly Video or Cabinets Construction to learn more about our cabinetry, which is produced according to the highest quality standard in the industry. Only the best wood and parts are used in Toronto Cabinetry with surpassing construction methods. Our cabinets are covered with a LIMITED 10 YEAR WARRANTY.







  • PROFESSIONAL CABINETS INSTALLATION SERVICE. We warrant our installers will install your kitchen cabinets professionally and efficiently. Also we have a strong service team ready to help you any time after your order finished.
  • NO HIDDEN COST. We understand kitchen is a complicated project that involves many products and services. No hidden cost is allowed in Toronto Cabinetry. We quote every item transparently and with your approval. Below table shows what is included in a $4,390 Kitchen Package. Your final price may be more or less depending on how many cabinets and accessories you will use or any upgrade on quartz countertop.
Solid Wood Cabinets $2,638.00
Cabinets Installation $690.00
Quartz Countertop with Installation $1,062.00
Total $4,390.00
Model QTY Description Price Installation
B24 1 Base 280.00 60
SB36 1 Sink Base 348.00 60
B09 1 Base 152.00 60
BLB42-45 1 Base Blind 402.00 60
B12 1 Base 184.00 60
W2430 1 30"H Wall 200.00 60
W3630 1 30"H Wall 278.00 60
WDC2430 1 Wall Diagonal 306.00 60
W1830 1 30"H Wall 162.00 60
W1230 1 30"H Wall 126.00 60
W3612 1 Bridge Cabinets 200.00 60
*Please note the above package is based on a 10 by 10 L Shape Kitchen. For more information, check 10 by 10 Kitchen.*

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